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Although much of my work is carried out by working remotely with clients through e-mail and Facebook exchange, you are always welcome to visit me in the studio to explore design ideas.

I am available for appointments Mon - Sat between 10.30am - 1.30pm, with most lasting approx 45-60 mins on average. During this time we will discuss your ideas and expectations for your piece and evaluate any existing jewellery that you would like to be remodelled. I am usually able to give you a rough estimate of cost at the end of our meeting and if you are happy with the direction, I follow up by sending you some sketches of designs along with an exact costing. There is never any obligation to go ahead with work just because we have met and spent time discussing designs. You are welcome to re-visit the ideas at any time or completely walk away.

You do not need to have an exact idea of what you would like made, infact you might not have any clue at all and this is totally ok ; it's where I come in! But it can be useful to think about the following things before we meet :

  • What do I want made?

  • What is the sentiment behind having this piece made?

  • What design elements do I like?

  • What do I not like?

  • How frequently will I wear this?

  • Do I have a budget I need to work within?

  • Is there a timescale for having this piece made?

Having a peek through my social media feeds can be a great way to look at different designs and see what you might like or definitely don't want for you own! Looking at the placement of stones, the textures and width of pieces can help spark inspiration.

To book an appointment please send me an e-mail by clicking the address below and giving me some days/times you are available. I love dogs and kids (bored partners, not so much..!), they are very much welcome to join you when you visit but there are a few things to note. My studio is not a showroom it's very much a small, working studio with lots of dangerous tools and clutter. It is on the first floor and only accessible by a flight of stairs. If this doesn't work for you and you are local to Dumfries and Galloway, let me know and I can visit you!

Email me here!