commission process

How much does commission work cost?

  • It depends on many factors but basically it comes down to 2 things. How many hours work is involved and how much material is added in. If you are re-modelling I look at what you have, explore ideas with you, see if any metal/stone needs added in and work out the number of hours it will take to make your piece. The price is made up of the hours needed  at a set rate, plus any materials and postage costs if necessary. If you aren't remodelling, the process is the same minus taking a look at what you have. I can usually let you know a rough cost at the start of the design process. If you have a budget you need to stick to, it helps to be upfront about this. I'm happy to work within budget where possible, and where it's not I'm good at coming up with creative alternatives. Once we have pinned down a design, I do some final designs and can give you an exact quote. There is no obligation to go ahead just because we've looked at designs. You can re-visit the idea later or not at all

How long does it take to create commission work?

  • Usually it takes a couple of months to create a commission piece. But this varies depending on the complexity of the piece and how busy I am with other pieces. Let me know if you have a timescale that you need to work to. It is not uncommon for people to get in touch very last minute with engagement commissions and most of the time I am able to help out. You can only ask!

I've seen a design by another jeweller, will you replicate it?

  • Short answer, no! I only work in my own style and have no desire to copy someone elses work.

Can I visit your studio to talk about this in person?

I'm not local and can't visit, can you work with me remotely?

  • Yes! Around 80% of my work is done remotely with clients from all over the world! We work together through an exchange of emails or Facebook messages in a similar way to a physical appointment. There's just a bit more back and forth communication!

How does the remote process work?

  • After you have made initial contact with me, I like to find out more about what jewellery you have and will ask that you send me some clear, in focus pictures of it. Obviously we'll skip that bit if you aren't doing a remodel! I'll then ask you the reason behind having the piece made, any sentiments you have and the history of any pieces. From here we explore ideas together about what you'd like, often by looking at other examples of my work and seeing what components you like and don't like. There are a lot of questions! But this is just to knuckle down on the perfect design. I might ask for you to send any remodelling pieces to me for evaluation. After a few more exchanges, I'll pop together some rough sketches for you and see what you think. If you are happy, I go ahead any put together a quote for you. If you want to go ahead, a custom listing is created on my website for payment and work begins on your piece!

Can we talk on the phone instead?

  • I find that I lose track of key details when talking on the phone so don't offer it as an option. It is really helpful to be able to look back over email and message conversations to keep track of ideas. It keeps things more streamlined and allows me to work better.

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