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a-sterling-idea : as in, sterling silver

asterlingidea was founded in the kitchen pantry of a Musselburgh council house in 2012 by Hannah Morris. Since then, metal bashing operations have moved cross-country and upgraded to a far roomier studio workshop in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway. 

Coming from a self taught background, Hannah has developed a skill set over 14 years that focuses on both ancient and experimental techniques. Since the very beginning, she has used recycled metals and consciously sourced stones to create her pieces. 

Rooted in the deep and dirty graft of refining and forging by hand, every piece is underpinned by intuition and transmutation with just the tiniest pinch of alchemy thrown in for good measure. Work is given the space to evolve in the moment of creation rather than being meticulously planned in advanced. An unconventional approach, but one that allows creation of pieces grounded in integrity that tell their own stories. No fluff, no pomp; warts and all. Life as it is; raw, unformed yet undeniably beautiful in its messiness..

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