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about hannah

Presently, I spend my days bumbling around Galloway, having found my way down here via an Edinburgh detour in 2013. It is the most magical place that fills my heart with joy and the only one that has ever felt like 'home'. ​


I spent my formative years trying to befriend farm cats, spending pocket money in crystal shops and daydreaming by the sea in north-east Fife. I proclaimed my desire of becoming an artist at age 5, more likely due to the utter joy I felt splashing paint around on myself, the floor and everything else rather than any underlying talent at the easel.  Undiagnosed neurodiversity led to a collection of odd and strange paths which included - but were in no way limited to - bigging up the Loch Ness monster, making chocolates, playing journalists and many, many years of laying in bed with deep, bone crushing morosity. 


Luckily by the time the big 30 hit, a diagnosis and swift, sharp attitude adjustment opened the door for happier and more soul fulfilling journeys. Though some may counter, that current passages are still just as odd.  


When I'm not bopping and bashing away in the studio, I am a woman of simple pleasures. Being in nature is my jam. You will likely find me outside exploring and foraging for curious bits and bobs, camera in tow with mucky hands from painting, cooking and gardening. Never adverse to a boogie, I sing and play guitar and in the rare downtime I have in-between all of this, you may just find my head peeking out from under the covers with a book in hand. Happy days make a happy Han.

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