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What happens during a re-modelling appointment?

Re-modelling appointments generally take between 1 and 1.5 hours. I offer them at the start and end of my working days at either 10.30am or 2.30pm. I am available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and can offer limited availability on a Saturday Morning.

Generally, appointments will flow in the following ways. I will ask you about the jewellery you have, the story behind it and your initial hopes and ideas about what you would like to create from it. From there I will evaluate your pieces to find out what metal is present, its weight and the size and shape of any stones. Sometimes this means giving it a quick clean up to see any hallmarks and quality of stones. Once I've a good understanding of what you have, we begin honing in on what can be created from it.


We'll discuss the ins and outs of the new piece; how frequently it will be worn, lifestyle implications, comfort/fit etc Then begin exploring the specifics such as size, depth, stone placement etc.  You'll be shown different examples of textures and finishes alongside a selection of widths and profiles to help start envisioning how your new piece could look. 


Usually at this point we both have a fair idea of the design or direction of your new piece and some vague ideas and scribbles are thrown around. 2 design routes will be offered for you to choose from, either to allow your design to unfold in the moment of it being made or to have a series of sketches drawn up to choose an exact design. The last task of our appointment is to get you measured up to find out the unique size you will need for your new piece. If you are happy to do so, you can leave your jewellery with me or you can take it home with you. After your appointment I will put together a quote for you based on the design discussions and sketch out some designs to choose from if that is the design route you wish to take. 

Several things to note about the studio...

  • Dogs and engaged children are always very welcome. Bored and disinterested partners/pals, not so much.

  • There is ample car parking directly behind the studio here

  • The studio is on the first floor and only accessible by climbing a flight of stairs. There is no disabled access

  • There is a loo, should you need to use such facilities whilst visiting

  • The studio is very much a workshop space and not a showroom. It is a messy, dirty and dangerous environment with power tools and sharp objects. Your crisp, white suit and open toed shoes may not fair too well here.

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