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How can I remodel my jewellery without visiting you?

Here is a lesser known factoid. About 90% of the commission work I take on is from people placed all over the world, who I have never met in person. Since so much of my work is done in this way, I've had to create a very streamlined way of going through the commission process with clients remotely. And let me tell you this.

It starts with an e-mail or instant message and it's pretty straightforward.

When you reach out to me through the online ether, I will ask you to send over some clear and in focus photos of the jewellery you would like to re-model. This helps me get a better idea of the size and shape of any stones alongside the rough weight of metal. If you can photograph hallmarks, all the better. Same goes for weighing your jewellery. But if not, it is not vital. These are things I can do if/when you send your jewellery to me.

Any additional details about the stones and metal are appreciated but not essential. What is though, is to find out about your jewellery and the story behind it. You can read more about this and why it is important here if you haven't already.

From here we begin discussing your new piece and the different design elements you might like to incorporate in your re-modelling. I'll ask you some questions to spark some  ideas and ask you to send over any images of my work  that you like and equally, dislike! This all happens through a series of exchanged messages. It might take a couple of days or it may be a few weeks but these back and forth communications are really important in shaping your new design.

Usually by this point we both have a fair idea of the design or direction of your new piece and some vague ideas and scribbles might be thrown around. 2 design routes will be offered for you to choose from, either to allow your design to unfold in the moment of it being made or to have a series of sketches drawn up to choose an exact design.

Either way, a quote will be drawn up for you and you can decide if you would like to go ahead or not. If you do, you will then send on your jewellery to me and work will begin on your new piece. If not, this is no problem and you are welcome to revisit the idea at any point down the line when timing may be better for you.

For FAQ's on payment, turnaround time and shipping, click here

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